Youth Plan

The Mt. Pleasant Community Zone in partnership with the Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable (MPERT) is working together to build a healthy, stronger and sustainable community where youth, families, residents, and businesses can safely live, learn, play, work, and worship.

Over the past three years, the Mt Pleasant Executive Roundtable (MPERT), consisting of Directors of organizations, schools, business leaders, faith-based and social services organizations, has consistently met to build support for change and to support implementation strategies that will enhance the quality of life of residents.

To that end, the MPERT partnership engaged in a community planning process several months ago, which included youth, families, individuals, residents, agencies, faith-based organizations, the school system and other stakeholders, to develop the MyCom Youth Development Plan.

A first component of the planning process for the Mt. Pleasant Community Zone and the Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable is to build on the existing community foundation, area assets and a very rich community history. Having access to existing community assets, programs and services, offers great opportunities for positive youth development by enhancing their skills, promoting self development, and developing positive core values, thus enabling youth to reach their full potential.

The second component of the planning process is to maintain, redefine, and expand on the four major planning areas identified in the Mt. Pleasant Comprehensive Community Revitalization Plan and five areas in the draft Cooperative Visioning Plan.

Education ‐ Engaging in an educational process to acquire the knowledge, skills, competencies and self- awareness needed to grow and to prosper both personally and socially.

Community and Family Empowerment ‐ Obtaining and effectively utilizing resources to develop the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to improve personal well being and the safety and vitality of the larger community.

Economic Development ‐ Having access to and effectively utilizing economic resources to maintain personal well being and to contribute to the stability and growth of the community.

Physical Environment ‐ Improving the physical appearance and environmental health of the Mt. Pleasant Community.  Preserving the safety and well being of individuals and families who reside in the community, including organizations and businesses that serve the residents of the community.

The Mt. Pleasant Community Zone was established as the organizing collaborative in the Mt. Pleasant Community and is the lead organization for the MyCom Youth Initiative and its implementation process. The Mt. Pleasant Community Zone collaborates and coordinates with Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable partners responsible for existing programs and services in the community. Further they will work to identify gaps in services and gaps in funding to ensure access to available resources. The Mt. Pleasant Community Zone continues to work very closely with its Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable members to expand the capacity of community leadership in order for youth to have every opportunity for choice and access to whatever service are needed to meet their needs and maturational process. Through a series of focus group sessions with youth, they provided input about what they thought was needed to improve their community environment and overall situation. The results are clear that youth in Mt. Pleasant have a great deal of concern about their current environmental situation and about their future.

The goal of the Mt. Pleasant MyCom Youth Development Plan is to provide a clear set of actionable objectives, strategies through which the Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable partners, community, youth, and families can build upon its strengths to improve and support youth to reach their full potential. The plan focuses on five major goals reflected in the five major planning areas. Specifically, the goals, objectives and strategies will address family, health, physical environment, safety, employment and the activities that will support youth growth and development to be measured by outcomes data overtime. The MyCom Youth Plan, communication process will be available to the broader community and the Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable will provide regular feedback and updates through ongoing community meetings, the web and other outreach efforts.

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