Health and Wellness

Project Goal: Increase health and healthcare information and access to treatment.

MPCZ was designated as a Plain Talk site by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health in 2008, charged with completing a three year process of Community Mapping, Community Education and Youth Engagement (Youth Activist Network). Plain Talk is an initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We have successfully completed our project, engaging over six hundred youth and three hundred adults in the three years. Plain Talk gives adults correct information on reproductive health issues, pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, and the contraction of STD’s and HIV/AIDS.

Plain Talk Goals are:
1. To create a consensus among parents and adults about the need to protect sexually active youth through encouraging early and consistent use of contraceptives;
2. To give parents and other community adults the information and skills they need to communicate more effectively with teens about responsible sexual behavior; and
3. To improve adolescent access to quality, age-appropriate and readily available reproductive health care, including contraceptives.