Mt. Pleasant Consolidated Community Plan

This community plan was developed under the leadership and direction of the Mt. Pleasant Executive Roundtable (MPERT) and represents the next step in the Roundtable’s community planning process. The purpose of the Mt. Pleasant Consolidated Community Plan is to improve the health and well-being of all residents of the Mt. Pleasant Community. The goal of the Consolidated Community Plan is to improve and strengthen the coordination of resources (financial and human) and services among agencies/programs who deliver services to residents of the Mt. Pleasant Community. This shift will increase service quality and support the more efficient use of limited financial resources.

MPERT engaged the services of two independent consultants to assist them in carrying out the steps needed to complete the planning process. The process undertaken by the consultants provided a valuable opportunity for community residents and its youth, staff of health and human service organizations serving the community, street club members, representatives from advocacy organizations, schools, faith based organizations, and other stakeholders, to share their unique perspectives, and to thereby exert significant influence on the course of the planning process.

The consultants completed the following planning activities in an effort to work in close relationship with the Roundtable members and to reach as many community stakeholders as possible:

  • Facilitated monthly meetings and periodic retreat sessions with Roundtable members over a seven-month period to coordinate and guide the overall planning process.
  • Supported the convening of topic specific work groups to examine each of the six focus areas to be addressed in the plan.
  • Reviewed the strategic planning documents of each of the Roundtable’s member organizations to identify additional opportunities for community coordination and collaboration.
  • Interviewed individual Roundtable members to gather additional information to assist in the plan development process.
  • Facilitated a series of focus group meetings with staff members from various agencies and programs located in the Mt. Pleasant Community, as well as with staff members of those agencies who served residents within the community, in order to gather additional information to assist with the plan development process.
  • Facilitated a series of focus group meeting with youth (ages 6-18) who resided in the Mt. Pleasant community to gain a firsthand understanding of the needs and concerns of the community’s youth.
  • Summarized data from a community needs assessment survey of youth conducted by the Murtis H. Taylor Center’s Communities Empowering Youth Project in 2008 to compare the results with information being collected from the youth focus groups.
  • Facilitated small group discussion sessions at the Mt. Pleasant Community Zone’s Annual Meeting to gather input directly from additional community residents on the Roundtable’s planning initiatives for youth and for the overall community.

The Consolidated Community Plan is organized around six (6) focus areas:

  • Economic Development – Having access to and effectively utilizing economic resources to maintain personal well being and to contribute to the stability and growth of the community. Primary Outcome: Residents have skills necessary to maintain an economically stable household and become financially literate.
  • Education - Engaging in an educational process to acquire the knowledge, skills competencies and self-awareness needed to grow and to prosper both personally and socially. Primary Outcome: Residents are lifelong learners and have access to quality educational opportunities.
  • Community & Family Empowerment - Obtaining and effectively utilizing resources to develop awareness, knowledge and skills needed to improve personal well being and the safety and vitality of the larger community. Primary Outcome: Residents are empowered and have opportunities to reach their full individual and collective potential.
  • Physical Environment - Improving the physical appearance and environmental health of the Mt Pleasant Community. Primary Outcome: Mt. Pleasant is visually attractive and clean and receives regular upkeep and maintenance.
  • Safety - Preserving the safety and well being of individuals and families who reside in the community and of the organizations and businesses who are located in and serve the residents of the community. Primary Outcome: Residents are safe and invested in maintaining the safety of community residents.
  • Youth Development - Creating a community that enables all of its youth to feel safe and cared about, and to have access to the services and educational opportunities needed to support their health and well being and to fulfill their potential as caring members of the community, and as citizens of the larger society and the world. Primary Outcome: Youth reach their educational and developmental goals and are contributing members of the neighborhood and of the larger community.

Implementation strategies were developed for the six (6) focus areas. MPERT plan,ned,  developed, monitors, and evaluates the progress of stated goals and objectives of the plan. Residents and community assets are important to the success of this plan.

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