Community Outreach, Mobilization and Education

Community Outreach, Mobilization and Education

Goal is to create grassroots infrastructures that can effectively generate and utilize resources to mobilize knowledge, capacities, and skills needed to improve personal well-being, safety, and vitality of the larger community.

Community outreach, mobilization and education is central to the goal of family and community empowerment.  Activities are designed to foster and develop community and family empowerment vehicles and mechanisms, including working with street/block clubs, working with local youth through the  Youth Advocate Network (YAN), increasing the community's understanding of local government entities, and developing effective planning, mobilization, and dissemination mechanisms.  In addition to family and community empowerment, activities are also reflected in the focus areas of physical environment and safety.

Street and Block Clubs


A street/block club is a group of persons in a geographical area, who through planning, work together to improve their homes, streets, schools, and generally, to make their neighborhood a better place in which to live, work, play and worship. 

Clubs are based on the notion that a truly fine city must be a place where all of its neighborhoods can provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to live and work.

You and your neighbors can create and develop your own street/block club designed to fit your neighborhood needs. Organized street/block clubs hold meetings, appoint officers, and implement programs focused on neighborhood improvement. Together you decide how to accomplish area community projects that would be difficult or impossible to do alone. 

  • Enhance, revitalize, and improve life in the neighborhood and the community as a whole with the goal of maintaining its beauty.
  • Advocate for your street by:
    • Promoting a sense of community among the residents of the street by encouraging them to work together and develop respect for each other.
    • Restoring and maintaining high neighborhood standards to make the neighborhood an inviting place to live.

Starting a Street / Block Club

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