About Us

Mt. Pleasant Community Zone (MPCZ) is dedicated to working together to build a better, stronger and sustainable community. MPCZ's goal is to implement and carry out the objectives of the Mt. Pleasant Community Comprehensive Plan and the MyCom Youth Development Plan, designed to realize our vision of Mt. Pleasant as a healthy, thriving community.

MPCZ brings resources together to build on existing community assets and facilitates change as needed. Serving as an information clearinghouse, MPCZ works to expand the capacity of community leaders, faith and community based institutions, businesses, schools, and agencies.

In addition, MPCZ helps to design and implement programs, and evaluates the success of identified strategic directions. MPCZ also provides support to assist organizations in securing financial assistance for activities that support the implementation of The Plans and where necessary, fills gaps in services.

Through programs and outside funding, MPCZ works to build, strengthen, and unify the economic, cultural, educational, and social support systems for residents of Mt. Pleasant. MPCZ also offers community improvement and capacity building activities.

MPCZ operates under three guiding principles: Build on community assets; Expand the collaborative capacity of leaders, organizations and agencies; Increase the overall impact of individual work within the community through coordination, collaboration, and planning.

Funding support is provided by the Saint Luke's Foundation of Cleveland, the City of Cleveland Department of Community Development (CDBG & NEF) through the office of Councilman Zach Reed, Ward 2, Councilman Terrell Pruitt, Ward 1, MyCom, the O'Neil Foundation, Cleveland Foundation, Neighborhood Connections, John Mott development Fund, and Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) .